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Super MAVS are here to bring the professional ‘can-do’ attitude, and efficient service of a top London removals company to the local man and van market. We want to make every move as simple, fast, stress-less and affordable as possible.

  • Super MAVS will strive to earn the trust of its partners and customers.
  • Super MAVS will work to every extent possible in liaison with its customers.
  • Super MAVS will exploit new niches in a strategic way and create the necessary synergies
  • Super MAVS will continue to develop and expand its fleet of vehicles and train new staff.
  • Super MAVS will anticipate market changes and turn them to an advantage.
  • Super MAVS will not endanger its industry through policies contra to the law and market.
  • Super MAVS will keep its activities under its watchful control.
  • Super MAVS will achieve these objectives our company has a duty to provide.

Simple & Transparent

All our services and prices will be as simple and transparent as possible and all our costs will be known upfront that can enable your move package to be organised in minutes.

Professional Throughout

Super MAVS strive to establish a new level of professionalism and trust in the local removals industry. We only recruit within the industry and all members of staff attend extensive training provided by us and if there is a problem you can rest assured that we will deal with it.


We aim to have minimum carbon footprint on the environment. In an industry reliant on road transport we always use the most carbon efficient vehicles available. The packing materials we use are either pre-used or constructed from recycled materials and are recyclable.
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