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We’re not your typical Man And Van Removal Service. There are hundreds of horror stories out there of unhelpful drivers and terrible service, but we’re different. At Super MAVS we will always aim to provide you with best possible service. We deliver a professional and fast service built around meeting your needs. Consider the following when making your decision between our dedicated service and hiring someone cash-in-hand.

1. Will They Turn Up?

In our years of experience we’ve helped many clients who were let down by a local service, some have even been left stranded as their driver turned out to be using the van illegally. Making a big move can be stressful enough, so standing on the roadside with your possessions piled in front of you is the worst possible position to be in. We always turn up, no matter the circumstances; weather conditions, traffic accidents, even breakdowns. Thanks to our larger fleet of vehicles and a big team we can re-route another van to you immediately, even if it means we’re a bit late we will never let you down.

2. We Are Insured

Imagine the scenario; you’ve paid a driver and whilst they’re loading your expensive flat screen TV into the van it drops and smashes the screen. If they’re not insured then they could drive off and leave you out of pocket. With Super MAVS all of your goods are fully insured up to £10,000 while your items are in the van. When you hire us we will e-mail you with our terms and conditions so you can see exactly what is covered. If you need any form of additional cover we can arrange that for you, giving you peace of mind you need. As ever, you can call us at any time on 0203 542 2461 to go over the details of our insurance and other information which you might need.

3. Is The Van Reliable?

With 7 million illegal vehicles on the roads in the UK can you take the chance that the van you’re hiring is going to be safe and secure? When you hire someone bear in mind that they will be responsible for your valuables and if you travel with them, your personal safety. Don’t take that risk. Our entire fleet is thoroughly serviced on a regular basis by a top London garage. We don’t cut corners and we spare no expense in ensuring that everything from the tyres to the roof is legal, safe and up to our own high standards. If any problem occurs we can rapidly provide a replacement vehicle thanks to our extensive fleet of vehicles.

4. Is The Driver Reliable? Will He Help You Move?

A typical low-cost van service will not actually help you through the moving process. They most likely won’t carry the insurance to help you move items and are only interested in driving from A to B. Every one of our drivers are employed directly by Super MAVS. All of our drivers are fully registered with the company, meaning that if there’s ever any problem you can contact our office for assistance. When you hire one of our drivers they are employed to help you throughout the moving process. Anything you need doing, within reason, they’re there to do. If you need to dismantle a bed before getting it down three flights of stairs then we can do it. If you need 300 boxes hauled up in a service elevator at the end of a journey then we will do it. We can provide as many people, as you need to get a job done properly and efficiently. No hassle, no messing around, and no hidden costs – how many companies can say that?

5. What Is The Real Price?

If something sounds too good to be true, it may well be. If someone offers to transport your valuables for just £15 then think about the extras they probably forgot to mention. What’s their minimum charge? Will you be paying for another hour if you over run by 5 minutes? Is VAT included? Is there a fuel charge? Is there a mileage charge? Will you be charged if they come from a depot? Will help you carry everything with no cost extra? The list goes on, leaving that bargain looking more like a rip-off by the minute. When you hire Super MAVS you pay only for the time you need and that’s it. The rates are discussed up front; we offer half day and full day rates and can even give you a fixed price for long distance jobs. Our minimum charge is just 2 hours. No last minute surprises, no rip off extras.

6. What Is The Company's Phone Number?

If your removal service only give a mobile number as a point of contact be careful – if you cannot get hold of that one person then you risk being left on your own with no way to rectify the situation. All of our drivers are provided with company IPhones to which the full job details are emailed. They have all the information that you provided at the time of the booking. Furthermore, our vans are fitted with trackers so we can locate our vans and drivers at any time. Make sure you do not put your worldly and treasured possessions into jeopardy, driven by someone who advertised his business through their private mobile number. Take a bit of time research and get some basic questions about your van removal service. We are looking forward to be working with you in the future!
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