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Rubbish Clearance is one of those undesirable household chores we all dread facing up to: precious hours spent collecting unwanted household clutter and carting it off to the local tip. To help save you time and expensive drop-off charges, we do door-to-door rubbish clearance with flexible pick-up times and no extra charges or disposal fees.

Rubbish Clearance Charges

Minimum Charge/Single Item
1/4 Van
1/2 Van
3/4 Van
Full Van
Luton Van

Holds approx.500kg900kg1300kg1500kg2000kg
All prices are composed on type, volume and weight of the rubbish. Our Prices Include: Labour, Transport, Recycling and Disposal fees.

What Do We Do?

Household Clearance, Garden Rubbish, Garage Clearance, Commercial Rubbish, Single Items.

Our Process

Trained professionals arrive at your property with a rubbish removal vehicle appropriate to the location and size of your job. Quick, courteous curbside pickup means you get rid of your rubbish with minimal disruption to your daily routine. We take care of the disposal fees and ensure that your household waste is recycled wherever possible. No trips to the tip and any excess charges or fines for dumping. We take household waste, furniture and appliances, and you only pay for the volume of rubbish you leave and the space you use.
We do not charge a call out quotation or you can send us image of the rubbish via email.

Why Use Us?

There are some great reasons to take advantage of our rubbish clearance in London ... for a start, you’re unlikely to see our prices matched elsewhere for such a reliable, dedicated service! Have a look below at our prices for yourself, and see how much we’ll be able to save you.

In addition to that, our Super MAVS Rubbish Clearance team will also be able to help you with a range of related jobs. Talk to us now, to combine expert rubbish removal with other useful tasks with our Super MAVS Clean Team

You can call us on 0203 542 2461 for assistance, free quotations and appointment bookings. Our dedicated rubbish clearance support staff can answer your questions and help get you the best deal on the rubbish clearance service of your choice. We’re even offering an additional 15% discount to customers booking rubbish clearance along with one of our other Super MAV Services.
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